Friday, November 30, 2007

Paper Moon Anyone?

Mackenzie decided to try out for the middle school winter solo concert. We were unsure how she would do as she chose a song from the 40's (Paper Moon). My Grandma and Bob informed me that they really like the song, however I had never heard of it ;). Well, she made it and did a great job! I really admire her ability to just get up infront of hundreds of people and perform. Her next solo debut will be at the choir's Christmas Concert later this month as she will be singing "The Christmas Song". You go girl.......

Here are some other kids who also sang or played an instrument at the concert. The cute "small" girl next to Mackenzie is in 8th grade and sang "Bootin' Scootin' Boogie". She was a real ham and did a very entertaining performance !

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Do you like Meredith's new bald spot???
Do you think a hairdresser will put hair extensions on a three year old? That was my thought today about an hour after I found this on the couch:My "adorable son" is very lucky that the tooth fairy came to town already because Santa does not come to town for naughtly little boys :o)!! That was my first thought! Trevor decided that he would experiment with cutting hair on Meredith's head. Did he pick the back of her head where I could hide a bad trim job? Of course not, he decided to cut the very front center of her hair all the way down to her skull!!! Never mind that we were going to take our family pictures in Maui next week, never mind that when Mackenzie's friend did the same thing to her when she was six it took THREE YEARS to grow out, never mind that I am completely freaking out right now.......!!!! We named Mackenzie's bad trim job "spike" any suggestions on a name for Meredith's????

The first picture is a very bad picture of the spot Trevor trimmed from. So just remember that when you see Meredith that no I did not do it, nor did she. Her "loving brother" did- I thought he would wait until they were older and deface her so none of his guy friends would want to date her. I guess he is practicing :o)!!
A little update on the hair....after I posted this I found three times as much hair as in the picture above in the trash can. I guess Meredith wanted to "fix" her hair so she grabbed the sissors, locked herself in the bathroom, and cut chunks out of the back of her hair... OH JOY -LOL!!! The worst is that I cannot cut it short to even out the back because she has so many callics!! I guess Meredith has officially made that "I can cut my own hair" right of passage :o)!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tooth Fairy Comes to Town!

(before- picture taken by Meredith- along with about 20 other ones I was unaware of :o)!)

Trevor finally lost his first two teeth! The first was Sunday night, October 28th. He went to bed and about five minutes later came out of his room and said that his tooth felt funny. I thought he was just trying one of his "get out of bed excuses", but soon he began to cry because it was hurting him. When I looked at his mouth his bottom right tooth had turned around completely- it looked really gross!!! Since Ryan was out of town on business I had to pull his tooth out- this is HUGE for me as pulling teeth totally grosses me out ;o/. Why I do not know, after all I was raised by a dentist?!?! Anyway, once I pulled the tooth out he was soooo excited- he was jumping up and down all over the bathroom and laughing!! It was so cute- I have never seen a child so excited to loose their tooth and have the tooth fairy come visit!! It really shows the innocense of children.

The next morning when Trevor went to school he was telling everyone that he had lost his tooth- keep in mind that the first week of school (nine weeks ago) he wrote that the reason he was special is because he had two loose teeth! This was a big event in the works. Now he could show off his new hole.

That night as Trevor was getting out of the bathtub I noticed his bottom left tooth was missing. My first reaction was that he lost it down the drain, however Madalyn saw it stuck to his chest- good eyes! He again was super excited that he now had two holes in his mouth and that the tooth fairy would come and visit him again. Unfortunately Ryan was gone for both and had to miss Trevor's expressions- what a bummer for him.


So incase you are wondering what Trevor's favorite Christmas song for this year is....."All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth"!! I am not sure he will get them by then......

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween Potluck

With only eight houses on our street with kids we sure have alot of them! Not all the kids are in this picture! We are so lucky to have so many great kids on the street- 23 to be exact!

Mackenzie messing around on the skateboard

Here is the crew with Scooter- he really played his part of an old man up great! That is until he was trick or treating and an elderly lady came to the door bent over with a cane lol!

Our neighborhood thought it would be fun to have a potluck before we all went trick or treating. It was lots of fun as the kids could all play together in their costumes and the adults could visit with one another. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful neighbors and live in such a kid/family friendly community!
In the picture above we are eating lots of yummy chili, cornbread, salad, corn pudding, macaroni and cheese, popcorn balls and carmel apples- yum!

Happy Halloween!

Here is our crew ready to go trick or treating!

Madalyn the waitress

Mackenzie the "tough" referee!

Meredith as Minnie Mouse

Trevor as Black Spiderman. He thought he was so cool with all his "puffy muscles". He made sure to tell everyone he was the "black spiderman with puffy muscles"!

My parents came down for Halloween and brought Scooter (the old man in disguise) with them. They joined in our block party and trick or treating. Meredith and Trevor made it down two and a half blocks then decided that they did not want to walk anymore so they came home and helped pass out the candy. I think they had more fun passing out the candy! Meanwhile Ryan and Jim took the big kids out to get more candy!

It was a fun night as usual! All the kids were so worn out they crashed as soon as they went to bed- yeah!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Preparing for Halloween!

On Sunday we had Randy and his family and Rodney over for dinner and pumkin carving. The cousins always love to get together and this was no exception! We may not be carving experts, but we had fun (in the sweltering heat) carving pumpkins. Not to mention that we all LOVED the pumpkin seeds. I think I need to go buy some more pumkins just so we can eat the seeds :0)!
Trevor and Meredith loved getting their hands in all the gooey pulp!

Madalyn posing for the camera as usual :o)!

Mackenzie is working hard on making a bat!

Meredith was pretty proud of the ghost I carved on her pumpkin!

Here are the final results!