Friday, December 14, 2012

Disney's Candlelight Ceremony

Mackenzie got the priveledge to perform in Disneyland's Candlelight ceremony twice this year.  I was lucky enough to be able to chaperone and bring Meredith with me as a side kick!  The program is beautiful!  I admire Disney for not being afraid to have a religious ceremony for the public.  

Kurt Russell was the narrator the night I was there.  He read the story of Jesus birth, life, death and resurrection.  My favorite part was when he said "there has been no other person, event or war that has touched or affected people as much as this one person, Jesus Christ, the Son of God" (or something like that). The story and music were amazing!

I had to chaperone one show and got to watch the other.  After both shows were over Meredith and I had about an hour to run and go on Small World then watch the fireworks and "snow".  It was such a fun night for the two of us!  Mackenzie unfortunately did  not get to "come out and play" the night I was there.  

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