Saturday, December 15, 2012

Water Sport Action Photo Shoot

A friend of ours at church, Erik Isaksen, is a professional action photographer.  He asked to use our backyard for a water sports action photoshoot.  He wanted a yard with a pool so he had lots of water accessible.  This was a two day shoot.  He asked if my olders girls could be in some test shots.  He wanted to make sure he had the lighting/water perfected before the professional models came over.  

At first the girls were reluctant.  Modeling is just not their "thing", however despite the freezing weather and water they ended up having a blast!  Here are some of my ameture phone pictures.  

The first set of shots involved misters overhead as the girls stood in a pool of water.

The next set of pictures involved hitting water balloons.  So the balloons would explode just as he took the picture.  

The last set of pictures involved two people on either side throwing buckets of water at the girls as they did some action moves.  I wish I could show you the end results as they are AMAZING, but they are copywritten incase a company purchases the pictures.  However below you can see two samples of the action shots with misters, water balloons and water buckets.

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