Monday, December 17, 2012

Be Clever Vote for Trevor

Trevor decided to run for Vice President at his school this year.  His slogan was "Be Clever, Vote Trevor".  He did a great job on his poster and wrote his speech all by himself.  

Here is his speech (imagine it being said with lots of personality!):

Hello my name is Trevor Jones and I am running for vice president. I know you guys are thinking I`m going to be like I’m so responsible it will blow your socks off, but no I`m all about having fun but learning interesting facts while you have out of this world fun. (But I am responsible too.) oh and you guys are all clever but you can be even more clever by voting for me, Trevor. So when its time for you to vote just remember to be clever and vote for Trevor! 

Trevor did not win, but he had lots of trying!

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