Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas from the Jones Family!  Our morning was filled excitement as the kids got to see what Santa brought them!  

Mackenzie got an adaptor to be able to listen to the music on her  iPhone in the car

Madalyn got mocassins from Steve Madden
Trevor got a razor to ride around on

Meredith got an iTouch

Trevor was probably most excited about getting deodorant in his stocking!  He had to tell everyone.  When asked why he said it was probably because they could smell him in the North Pole!!

Meredith's handmade gift for her Dad!

After we were done opening presents we went to my Aunt Debbie's for dinner.  It was a nice time with family.

 Meredith and Trevor each gave us handmade gifts this year.  We LOVED them both!  Handwritten notes are my favorite from the kids!!

Les Miserable premiered on Christmas Day so we decided to brave the crowds and go see it in the evening.  It was great!  Not as powerful as the stage show, but they did a great job adapting it to the big screen.  The only one who did not like it was Scooter...in his own words "I took one for the family"!

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