Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Great Park aka Rock Adventure

Over Spring Break Meredith's homework was to decorate a "pet rock" and take it on an adventure.  When she went back to school she would write about the adventure.  Well, we did lots of fun things over Spring break..beach, Los Angeles, Petersen Auto Museum, etc.  However each time we went somewhere we forgot "the rock".  So the Saturday before Spring Break was over we drove over to the Great Park in Irvine for our "adventure".  We had been there years ago when the big orange balloon first opened.

We had a great time!  Everything was free...the playground, a ride in the balloon, carousel, agricultural farm and art museum. For you teenagers out there this is a FABULOUS and FREE date night!!! 

The "rock"

Trevor loved spending time at the chicken coup.  This is him rubbing his tummy saying "yum, yum"!

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