Wednesday, April 11, 2012

BYU vs. UCI Baseball

Trevor's baseball team this year is the UCI Anteaters.  Ryan had some connections with the coaches from the team and was able to get Trevor's team and their families into a baseball game for free.  Since half of our team goes to church with us we choose the game against BYU (UCI doe not need to know who we were really cheering for)!  

 Just before the game began UCI brought the boys to the locker room and dugout on the UCI side.  Then they were each assigned a player to run out with as their name was called.  Trevor was excited to be assigned to the pitcher.  They stood out on the field with the UCI players for the Star Spangled Banner then ran back into the dugout.  It was a great experience for these boys to get time on the field!

Between innings Trevor was selected to "steal the bases".  He had to steal first base in a certain amount of time in order to win.  He won!!! The meal to Souplantation ...we all got a good laugh!

By the way....BYU WON!!!  We got to meet the BYU players afterwards.  The BYU pitching coach, Wally Richie, use to go to church with us so he hooked us up with the players.  Great night!

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