Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Coffee and Cars

Trevor is obsessed with all things cars...the make, the model, the quality, etc.  My Dad is also very into cars.  Since my Dad was coming into town for a few weeks I mentioned going to a car show.  Tyler told him about "Coffee and Cars".  It is held early morning every Saturday in Irvine.  Sounded fun so we went and checked it out.  There were all sorts of cars there..hundreds!!  It was fun to walk around and look at all the well taken care of, restored and tricked out cars.  
Here are pictures of the kids in front of their favorites:

Grandpa Beeney and Trevor next to a Porcshe like the one Dad use to own.

Meredith has an obsession with wanting Mackenzie's best friend Matthew as a brother.  So she asked him to take a picture with her.  It is pretty cute...with his blonde hair and blue eyes we could adopt him and he would fit right in.  Too bad his eyes are closed in this picture ;).

The picture with the Woody is for Grandma Wright....haha!

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