Saturday, April 28, 2012


Unfortunate circumstances brought us to Utah. truly was a road trip...drove 8 hours Saturday, 8 hours Sunday, funeral Monday and drove 12 hours on Tuesday.  We got to spend lots of car time bonding! However we tried to make the best of our Road trip.  Our first stop was at State Line...not because anyone had to use the bathroom (haha), but because we needed gas ;).  Meredith and Trevor had never been on the HUGE roller coaster at Wild Bills so we took this opportunity to initiate them!  They had a BLAST!!!

Our first night was spent in St. George where we of course feasted upon The Pizza Factories breadsticks and shakes at Icebergs!
Then we drove to Tooele, dropped our stuff off at the Fishers who were so generous to let us stay at their place for the night, then drove up to Centerville to spend time with Scott and the kids.  It was great eating and visiting with them.  Trevor was in "boy cousin" heaven!  I was so glad our kids hit it off so well!

After the luncheon on Monday we drove into Salt Lake City to stay for the evening.  We visited the new "City Centre".  It is an outdoor, Fashion Island, like mall across the street from Temple Square. 

While the girls shopped Trevor kept busy collecting $$ from the stream that ran through the center of the Centre.  I was so embarrassed!

Meredith just kept asking me to take her picture posed on the rocks!
 In the center of the Mall is a "fire and water" fountain.  It is synced up to music and puts on a show from 7p.m. to 9 p.m in the evening.  Pretty cool to watch.

We also took a tour of Temple Square.  There were Sister Missionaries who showed us a video and the statue of the Christus.  The kids were amazed at how big it was!  The fun part was less than a week later they also got to visit the Los Angeles Temples Vistor's Center and see the Christus there too.

Here is a beautiful picture of Madalyn with her obnoxious brother...he is such a ham!!!

Meredith was going to ride on her Dad's shoulders so everyone else decided they would try to catch a ride on Dad also!

The Reflection pool...

"Hey all you Single's your guy in about 12 years....."  This will be his LDS Singles profile picture...hahaha!!!

 On our way home we stopped at Icebergs again for a shake....only in Utah will you see the Fry Sauce sign...YUCK!!!!

We also stopped at the gas station and picked up these HUGE suckers!!!  We were trying to stick them on the side of our mouth, but it would hurt so bad!

The picture of Ryan from behind was classic!

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