Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Girls Camp 2011

The Young Women had a Ward girls camp this year.  The theme was "An Apple A Day":  Faith, Hope, Endure.  Our Ward chose to go camping at the Kern River.  One day the girls went river rafting on class 4 rapids.  Unfortunately there are no pictures, but from the report I got they had a blast!! 

Here is the group just before they left:

My two beautiful daughters Mackenzie and Madalyn. I feel so blessed to know that they truly love eachother and spending time with eachother!

On their hike day the girls took a few pictures:

They did not get any pictures of them sliding down a natural waterfall.  Apparently the water was freezing (about 40 degrees).  The girls said the coldness took their breath away, yet it was also so much fun!  

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