Sunday, June 26, 2011

Boise State Bronco's 2011

Trevor was on the Boise State Bronco's Single A baseball team this year.  Ryan was his manager with Chad Marquis and Kamryn McCluskey as the coaches.  The trio joined together so they could avoid Sunday practices.  Most of you know that our family does not participate in sporting events (among other things) on the Sabbath.  Starting in Single A batting practice is scheduled on a Sunday.  To avoid this Ryan signed up to manage and provided batting practice on a night other that Sunday.

It was a fun season!  Trevor really has some natural baseball skills.

Trevor loved having his Dad manage the team (even if he had a hard time listening to him sometimes)!

This picture surprised us all!  Trevor has his Dad's form to a T!  We had to take a double take!

Of couse the best part of the season for these boys is getting a trophy!

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Jenny Moore said...

That is so fun that you were the Broncos!!! Your kids are so stinkin' cute and I'd like to know when you and Ryan are going to age, you haven't changed in ....years!!!:)
So I have to ask are you Boise State Football fans because of this?!!!!