Wednesday, June 15, 2011

19 Year Anniversary Getaway

As many of you may know Ryan and I do not go away with eachother sans kids very much.  So for the third time in 19 years we decided to sneak away for the weekend and go to Palm Desert.  We stayed at the Westin Desert Willow Resort..we love this resort and have stayed there before.

We started our vacation doing what I like to do...keeping busy!  We took a 20 mile bike ride through the San Andreas Fault.  We got our own private tour which proved to be very educational!  There were three stops along the way to learn about the landforms, vineyards, date farms and the Salton Sea.

In some areas the landforms were horizontal and some were verticle. 

Our self portrait infront of the aquaduct:

Toward the end of our ride we rode through a grape vineyard and then stopped at a Date farm.  I LOVE DATES!  Ryan is not real fond of them :)!  I got to sample all sorts of different variety of dates and have a date shake..yummy!

Here is Ryan with our personal tour guide Clotair (from France).  He use to pilot hot air balloons but after he retired he started this business.  He has some great stories to tell!

We thought this golf cart was cute.  We teased Mackenzie and tell her that we bought this as her first car!  She did not appreciate that!

The rest of the weekend was spent doing what Ryan likes to do on vacation:  lounging by the pool, going down the water slide, playing water volleyball and water basketball, tanning, reading, going to a movie and eating (I like all those things too).

This is our new favorite Mexican Restaurant on Hwy 111 in Palm Springs.  Can't wait to go back and eat there in July!

Here is the view from our room:


L said...

Awww, so cute Danielle! Congrats on your anniversary! It looks like you had such a fun trip!! :)

Jennifer said...

How fun to get away without the kids! Looks like you two had a wonderful time. Danielle, I noticed on Memorial Day that you had lost some weight, but I could really tell in these pictures!!! Looking good, what's your secret?

shannon said...

What a fun getaway! Perfect balance of adventure activity and relaxation! Big plans for the big 2-0 next year?

Becca and Derek said...

Looks like fun!!

Kari said...

Happy Anniversary. It looks like it was a fun get-a-way. Congrats on 19 years.