Monday, July 4, 2011

Especially For Youth 2011

The week of July 4th both girls had the opportunity to attend EFY in Provo, Utah.  They were at Brigham Young University in the Yellow group.  They each brought a friend, but they were in the same company.  Both girls had an amazing time!  They met new friends, got crazy, attended many classes that taught them so much, grew spiritually and gained a stronger testimony of the gospel.

Each company had to come up with their own group name.  Our girls company was "meat house" from the scripture Malachi 3:10.  They had to come up with a name for their group based on that scripture...some of the options were "prove me now" or "windows of heaven" their group chose "MEAT HOUSE".  They are soo funny! Crazy teenagers!

Mackenzie in the cirlce of Presidents.  All these kids are President over their church groups.

This is a very unattractive picture of Madalyn and Spencer, but I had to put it in because I did not have the picture of his proposing to her. 

Their cousin Dallin was there the same week so they were able to see him too!

Here is Mackenzie with their EFY counselors Charlie and Ariel.  They absolutely adored their counselors!

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