Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Trevor!

Nine years ago today Trevor joined our family!  He brought a whole new dynamic to our family.  Being the only boy of three girls you can be sure he recieves a lot of "flack" from his sisters.  They think he is "gross"!  But he really is just a "boy"...through and through!

As a little boy he loved horses so I thought I would add this one in the mix:

Here he is with his best friend and sister Meredith.  They really are best friends!  When Trevor has an opportunity to use the "dollars" he earns at school to buy something from the treasure box he usually will buy something for Meredith first then something for himself.  He is very thoughtful!

Treovr LOVES celebrating his birthday!!  He gets so excited and counts the days down until his big day.  When someone wishes him "Happy Birthday"  he gets a big smile on his face!

Happy birthday Trevor!!! 

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