Monday, October 1, 2007

Kick it like Beckham!

Trevor is #6

Here he is on a break away to make a goal!

Meredith's favorite reason to go to the games-
orange's at half time!!

Soccer season has begun and so our Saturday's are spent watching Trevor play. This is the first year that we have only one child playing YEH! It really feels like a welcomed break! In fact, we sometimes wonder what to do with our extra time on Saturday's - not really :0)! Watching boys play is so exciting. It is amazing the difference between a five year old (beehive ball!) girls game and a five year old boys game (do whatever it takes to get that ball and run with it)! It is alot of fun.

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DossFamily said...

Very Cute! I can't wait until Landon plays soccer. It's my favorite sport and I hope he likes it. I look forward to the Saturdays I can watch him play :)