Friday, October 19, 2007

Classic BYU student during finals!

So I do not have anything "new" really to post so I decided to post about one of my favorite nieces Becca! My kids absolutely adore her and we REALLY MISS HER while she is away at school. We thought she was there learning and growing both academically and spiritually, however as you can see from this picture her experience has been far more "electrifying"! So here is our tribute to our dear neice/cousin Becca! Life without us is not as bad as you make it look (above) :o)!! See you in Maui.......

P.s.- any single guys out there?!?!?!?! Here is a keeper!


Becca Jones said...

Dear Aunt Danielle!

What the heck! I just click to see if you've been up to anything new, and I see this picture! AHHH! Talk about crazzy! Anyways, I love you guys too! I can't wait for MAUI! Yeah! :) Tell everyone hello!

Love you all!

Kam said...

She is so lucky to be at BYU and to have family like you! ;)