Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandpa- BIG 60!

On Friday night my mom had a surprise 60th birthday party for my step-dad. She invited all of his children to come into town to help celebrate. Two live in Utah, one lives up North, and one is serving in the war. Obviously Richard could not come, but the other four were able to be there. We all met at Jim's favorite Chinese restaraunt- Peking Wok. Jim does not like surprises, and this was no exception. However I think he forgave my mom after a couple of hours :0)! We had a delicious and filling dinner, good company, and the lady at the restaraunt even made Jim a hat out of fortune cookies- boy did he love that - ha ha!

Here is Jim with four of his kids- we really
missed you Richard!
(l-r) Lara, Jim, Brad, Scott, Lisa

Scooter had to read the cards as Grandpa could
not read- you know, the eyes are one of the first
things to go!

At the end of the celebration Deeanna presented Jim with a very special memory book. She had all of us kids write memories and letter to Jim and give her pictures of us with him. She was also able to tract down some growing up and mission pictures and documents. Anyway, with all the stuff she gathered she made the most beautiful scrapbook! It is really amazing! Truly something he will cherish. Thanks for all your hard work Deeanna! When are you going to make mine -lol!?!

So as a tribute to my wonderful step-dad- if you do not know him, you are missing out on knowing one of the greatest men! He would drop anything for you, he can fix anything, he is so accepting of all his children, and is THE BEST GRANDPA EVER!! I have only known him for 17 years, but it seems like a lifetime. Thanks for being such a good husband to my mom and a wonderful "dad" to me and my family! We all love you!!

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