Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Becca "BOO"

So forgive me for posting about my dear niece again, but this just proves how special she is to us! Today my older girls were so bummed to have to walk home in the smoke filled air - they had what I call "attitude" :o)! (For those of you who do not watch TV or listen to a radio, we have two fires burning within 10-15 miles from our house. Neddless to say everything is covered with ashes-ugh) Back to the story: When the girlies got home they discovered a package on our doorstep! They wondered who it could be once inside I opened it and inside was a card and a big jar of candy!!! Well the mystery about who it was from was quickly solved as Madalyn ripped the envelope open! Becca "boo'd" us all the way from BYU Idaho- go Becca! We have been lucky to be boo'd three times this year- our family is really looking out for us :o)! My mom boo'd us from Long Beach- though she won't admit it!

Our package and card

They were so excited!

Because of the heat all these fires are causing the candy was melted so we had to put it in the fridge to harden the chocolate!


Becca Jones said...

Aww! I'm glad you guys liked the little package! Enjoy the candy- especially if Halloween brings more smoke and ashes! Hope it clears up for you guys! Love you!

Kari said...

She is some niece. That is so thoughtful. Good luck on your program tomorrow. I'm sure it will be great.