Sunday, August 3, 2014

Aaronic Priesthood

 With Trevor turning 12 years old he was able to receive the Aaronic Priesthood.  Grandpa Jones, Grandpa Wright, Bishop Conover and Brother Harrison (YM President) came over to assist in the blessing.  
Funny thing though....less that 30 minutes before everyone was to get there the heavens opened and we had a freak rain storm in the middle of summer!  It rained more here that it had in the past 14 years!  Our courtyard was on the verge of flooding so Ryan hurried, changed out of his Church suit and put a bathing suit on.  He hooked up a pump to pump the water our of the courtyard into the front yard.  It was so crazy!!

 Once we got past that we were able to focus on the blessings and responsibilities that were about to be given to Trevor.  It was a special night in which we could all feel the spirit.  Trevor was so excited to receive the priesthood!  He could hardly wait to pass the sacrament, collect fast offerings and perform baptisms in the Temple!

First Temple visit with his sisters!
Collecting Fast Offerings with Cade Albright

Trevor is lucky to have great examples of his family (especially his sisters) to follow!

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