Monday, August 11, 2014

Girls Camp 2014

Stake girls camp was at Ponderosa Pines this year.  The week started off local with inspirational speakers and fun activities.  

 The next day the girls traveled to camp!  Of course Ryan was the priesthood holder amongst all the girls.  The leaders keep him busy, but he loves spending time with the girls!  On one of the days the girls had a surprise "color run".  Apparently this was the highlight of the camp!  Here are the end results:

 Every year Ryan likes to "Prank" the girls.  Last year it was with pretending to be a bear outside of their cabins.  This year was the best of all!  He dressed up in a gorilla suit and would scare the girls by running through their cabins!  It was hilarious!

 On the first day the girls also got to go to the Newport Dunes to help water the plants and clean the area up.  "Mormon Helping Hands".

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