Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy 42nd Birthday Danielle

For my 42nd birthday I wanted to go roller skating.  As a kid I loved to roller-skate and my kids had never had the privilege to skate so I thought I would introduce them!  It was just me and the kids.  They day went like this:

Had my follow-up body scan at Newport Diagnostics.  Found out that the cancer was not completely killed off, but the radioactive iodine was still in my system so the doctors are confident that it will be killed off.

Then we loaded up the car and I took the kids to Fountain Valley Skate Center.  The kids did pretty good...none were as good as old mom!  It was fun doing the hokie poke again on skates!  Lots of laughs!  Meredith gave in and practiced with a walker so I could have some "fast skate" time.  Trevor fell a lot, but he just kept getting back up and never quit!  During the last song Madalyn took a pretty bad fall and ended up with a bruised bottom and hip.  Luckily it was the last skate of the day!

 After our skating adventure Ryan, Scooter, my parents and grandparents met us at Souplantation for dinner.  I love to eat there for my birthday.  Having the holidays just before I am ready for salad!  My favorite part is the vanilla soft serve with butterscotch and peanut topping.  Unfortunately the machine was broken so I settled for a Sprinkles cupcake with 42 candles on it!  The wax melted off like a waterfall!  
Turning 42 was one of my best birthday's.  Not sure if it was the skating, food or the fact that I just went through an experience that taught me how fragile life can be.  I am thankful for good doctors and a family that loves me!

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