Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

The season began with our traditional Christmas Pajamas, hot chocolate and watching Elf the first Sunday in December

 We spent a fun family day at The Grove In LA.  The lights were great and the "snow" was lots of fun!  Not too sure about the "Mac Girls" that were dancing though...haha!

 Before Danielle went into isolation she made sugar cookies so while she was isolated the kids could all decorate cookies for Santa!
 The day Danielle got out of isolation she was anxious to go somewhere so we drove up to Naples in Long Beach to walk along the canals and see all the great lights for FHE.
 Christmas Eve began with Trevor getting the flu and Ryan not feeling well.  So the rest of the family drove down to Carlsbad for our annual Jones Family Christmas Eve celebration.
 The stockings were hung and we were ready for Santa to come!

 Christmas morning and everyone is excited to see what Santa has left them!
 Meredith got black suede boots
 Trevor got a Sector 9 long board
 Madalyn got a pair of boots
 Mackenzie got a Mac computer (Santa must know that she is going away to college in a few months!)

 Madalyn made this great tribute to Ryan for his office at work
 Mom love Christmas...its her favorite holiday!

While this is the first year that we did not get out Christmas cards and health issues kinda put a kink into quite a few plans we still managed to have one of the best Christmas' we can remember!

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