Thursday, July 19, 2012

JAC Surf Camp

A few Young Men in our ward, who love to surf, started a surf camp this summer.  Trevor participated in their very first camp and had a blast!  The instructors taught the kids all about safety, what to do in a rip tide, surf etiquette, paddling and all the basics of surfing.  After the first day at camp Trevor's first words out of his mouth were "Mom I want a surfboard for my birthday instead of an electric scooter!"

The love for surfing continued throughout the rest of the week!

On the third day he said "Mom I wish we lived in a beach house so I could do my homework then surf until it was time for dinner".  I guess we have a surfer in our house now! of the instructors told me that Trevor has natural ability and is a fantastic surfer.  I was able to hang out at the beach on one of the days and witnessed his ability.  He was able to paddle with enough strength and stand up right away to catch the waves.  He was independent out there..not requiring help from the instructors.

 Don't mind the "Roxy" wet was the only one we had...a boy with sisters is very comfortable with his masculinity!  

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