Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday Trevor!!

Happy birthday to our favorite son...he LOVES it when we say that! He has finally made it to the double digits!

Ten years ago today our family was blessed with the long awaited arrival of 
Trevor Ryan Jones.  
We tried many years to conceive, Danielle experienced many painful shots and procedures, we experienced lots of "sorry your not pregnant" calls from the doctor and spent everyone's college education fund...every bit of it was WORTH IT!!  What a blessing you have been to our family...your tender hearted, sensitive to Heavenly Fathers Spirit, cuddly, athletic, super funny, a great singer/pianist, gassy (oops did we just say that??) and talkative!  

Trevor was obsessed with horses his first 4 years of life!

Three years old in Kauai...Hang Loose!

These two could be twins, but they are not, they are best buddies!

Trevor loves to see how high he can jump.  He loves to jump over barriers to "catch some air"!
Surfing is his newfound love!
He discovered Flag football this past year and loved  it!

Looking classy in this bow tie Mackenzie bought him!

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ashcraft8 said...

He's a very cute kid!