Monday, July 9, 2012

EFY Santa Barbara

Mackenzie and Madalyn went to EFY in Santa Barbara this week.  They both decided to go without a room mate this year to see how they would like it.  They both loved going "alone"and meeting new people!  They took the train from San Juan Capistrano to Santa Barbara with some friends who were also attending EFY the same week.  

They said the train was super fun!

Here they are just before the train left....

I do not have any of Mackenzie's pictures on my computer so here are some of Madalyn's.  Her group was the "Peace Seekers".

While the girls were away Ryan and I finally put up the vinyl saying that Mackenzie wanted for her birthday.  It is a quote from President Dieter Uchtdorf:  

"Be strong and of good courage.  You are truly royal spirit daughters of almighty God.  You are princesses destined to become queens.  Your own wondrous story has already begun.  Your once upon a time is now!"


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Tuesday said...

Hi! I stumbled upon this blog post while looking into EFY Santa Barbara. I was wondering how you guys traveled from the Santa Barbra train station to the UCSB EFY campus? Do the kids just take a taxi from the train station?