Saturday, June 30, 2012

Car's Land at California Adventure

California Adventure opened a new section of the park dedicated to the movie Cars called Car's Land.  There was lots of media hype around the opening of this new park so when it opened in June the park was packed!!!  We knew to avoid the park during the opening.  One of the new rides...a fast car ride called Radiator Springs average line wait time was 5 hours... ridiculous!!

Then an opportunity presented itself via my step brother Scott.  He and his family had come to town with three day passes and were only able to use two of the days so he gave our family six passes.  We had to use them within a week and were nervous we would not find the time because that week happened to be the last week of school when here were tons of "end of the school year" activities. 
So the girls went by themselves after school on Tuesday and said it was PACKED!!!  However as you can see from the pictures they managed to have a great time despite the crowds!

Are you sure they are sisters???

Rapunzel from Tangled..their favorite!!!
On Friday Ryan was able to take the day off and we took Trevor and Meredith while the girlies went waterskiing for our Youth's Super Activity.  We got there 30 minutes before California Adventure opened so we could walk directly to Cars Land and get in line for Radiator Springs.  There was a huge line for fast passes and we were told that the line would take about one hour to get the fast pass (let alone wait another hour or so to ride it at our assigned time) so we decided to just forgo the fast pass and go directly to the line.  It paid off!  The ride was not working for the first 40 minutes, but we decided to stay in line.  It paid off...we waited 1 hour and 40 minutes and were able to ride the ride.  It did not disappoint!  It was a blast!

With the revamp of Cars Land main street had a makeover too.  They added these great Trolley Cars like the ones in San Francisco.

Here we are on Radiator Springs ready to go!

I decided to be 12 again and photo bomb their picture!

Radiator Springs

Tower of Terror

California Screamin'
 We had the best day ever!  Both of the parks were pretty empty.  We spent the first half of the day at CA Adventure, took the monorail to Downtown Disney to watch the movie "Brave" then spent the second half of the day at Disneyland and also got front row seats to the firework show (without waiting)!

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shannon said...

5 hours!?!? Who on earth would wait in a queue for 5 hours for a ride?!?! That's insane! So wish we could go to the new Car's Land. Sounds so fun, and my kids would love it. Great catching up with you on your blog. Can't believe you have a driver in the house! Your kids are all so beautiful. I love how each kid looks so different, and yet all are just gorgeous. Hope you are well!