Saturday, June 23, 2012

Birthday Beach Day

This was an "off" birthday party year for Madalyn.  We have a friend party every other year and next year she will have a big 16th birthday party.  However with her birthday on a Saturday she needed to do something fun so she invited just a few friends to come to the beach with her.

However before those pictures here are a few of her opening her cards/gifts from her Grandparents:

 Now onto the Beach!

The girls went to Balboa Pier and ate at Ruby's then hung out on at the beach for the day.  
Here they are when we first got there:

Yummy food at Ruby's:

For anyone who knows Madalyn you know that she does not like to draw attention to herself so when six waiters came out singing to her she was so embarrassed!  It made her happy and giggly!

Here the girls are posing....

Most of the time this is where you could find the girls....they love to talk!

They did decide to try the water out, but it was cold sooo....

This was as wet as they got then they went and laid back in the sand :).

It was a perfect day...the weather, the food, the company...Happy Birthday Madalyn!

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