Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Girls Camp 2011

The Young Women had a Ward girls camp this year.  The theme was "An Apple A Day":  Faith, Hope, Endure.  Our Ward chose to go camping at the Kern River.  One day the girls went river rafting on class 4 rapids.  Unfortunately there are no pictures, but from the report I got they had a blast!! 

Here is the group just before they left:

My two beautiful daughters Mackenzie and Madalyn. I feel so blessed to know that they truly love eachother and spending time with eachother!

On their hike day the girls took a few pictures:

They did not get any pictures of them sliding down a natural waterfall.  Apparently the water was freezing (about 40 degrees).  The girls said the coldness took their breath away, yet it was also so much fun!  

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Boise State Bronco's 2011

Trevor was on the Boise State Bronco's Single A baseball team this year.  Ryan was his manager with Chad Marquis and Kamryn McCluskey as the coaches.  The trio joined together so they could avoid Sunday practices.  Most of you know that our family does not participate in sporting events (among other things) on the Sabbath.  Starting in Single A batting practice is scheduled on a Sunday.  To avoid this Ryan signed up to manage and provided batting practice on a night other that Sunday.

It was a fun season!  Trevor really has some natural baseball skills.

Trevor loved having his Dad manage the team (even if he had a hard time listening to him sometimes)!

This picture surprised us all!  Trevor has his Dad's form to a T!  We had to take a double take!

Of couse the best part of the season for these boys is getting a trophy!

Madalyn's 14th Birthday Party!!

Madalyn had her first coed birthday party this year.  It was TONS of fun..even the boys had a great time :)!  The evening started off with food from Las Golondrinas...yum!  The girls all congregated to the courtyard leaving the boys to the kitchen table.  A few of the boys decided to move their chairs into the courtyard to join the girls!  We also had yummy, super chocolate cake just for Madalyn!

A few of the brave boys who started the "boys move into the courtyard" trend!

We then moved over to the grass area next door and played some fun games!  The first one was the M&M game.  The kids lined up boy/girl and with a spoon in their mouth had to transfer M&M's.  We kept adding more M&M's to the spoon to make it more difficult!

Next we played big, better, best.  The kids were divided into four groups and given a paperclip.  They were then assigned a street to go door to door and trade items for something that was big, better or best.  Once back they had to "sell" their item and explain why it was so great!  Here's what the teams came back with:

 Laundry hamper
 Cookie jar aka Urn
 The winner was this replacement battery for a Mac computer!  We could not believe someone would just give this away!

Lastly we played capture the flag!

Here is the entire gang at the end of the evening (minus Jacob and Sam):

As the evening rolled on the boys got a bit silly...planking on the pool and backyard fence!

The evening ended with feet in the jacuzzi visiting with one another!

Daisy Bridging 2011

Meredith's Daisy troop bridged from Daisy's to Brownie's this past week!  Our troop had their own ceremony instead of joining with all the other troops in the district.  It was nice and personal.  Each girl's name was called and they walked across the bridge, got their brownie sash and a flower.

Here she is as a Daisy:

Meredith and Abigail as new Brownie Girl Scouts!

All the girls in the troop.  They are all such wonderful girls!

Dance Recital 2011

Meredith had her first dance recital this past Saturday.  She takes Ballet 1 with Miss. Claudia, whoms she adores!  The concert was very well done and the girls did a fabulous job!  Here she is performing her "Ribbon Dance":

Track and Field 2011

The YMCA on our school site was offering an eight week track and field course.  We enrolled Trevor because
1.  He loves to run
2. We wanted to improve his speed for baseball

He had a great time!  It was a very well run program.  At this level all the kids competed in all the different meets (400m, 200m, 100m, 50m, long jump, football throw and relay).  Here are some pictures of him at his meet against about six other schools in the district. 

His favorite event was the 400m (he got second place).  He got 1st on the 50m, 2nd on the 200m and 3rd on the 100m.

 Trey, Trevor and Dallin
Trevor, Aidan and Payson

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy 14th Birthday Madalyn Nicole!

Happy 14th Birthday to our favorite 2nd born daughter!  From the minute you were born we were so happy to have you be part of our family!  You are beautiful, you keep us laughing, honest, hardworking and have a beautiful testimony of your Savior Jesus Christ.

We love that you and Mackenzie are not only sisters, but best friends.  Family is so important to you!
 (2 years old)

 (6 years old)
Now that you are fourteen you get to go to Church dances, Youth Conference, Super Activity and High School!  We hope you enjoy your special day with all your friends and family!