Monday, November 21, 2011

Florida part 1

Over Thanksgiving break our family with my parents went to Florida and the Disney Cruise for 10 days!  It was a fun and exhausting week!  We had gone to Florida as a family two years ago and did the whole "Disney Curcuit" so this time we wanted a different experience (knowing we would gets lots of Disney on our cruise).  

Our first adventure was an airboat ride in the Everglades to see alligators.  This was a fun boat ride!  The boat would go up to 45 mph and we were able to see some gators!

Trevor loved being able to hold a baby alligator!

Our next adventure was ziplining.  Wow was this fun!!!  This was an item on my mom's bucket list so she came along with us.  

My mom is deathly afraid of heights , but she did it!!!  Here is proof!


Because of Meredith's age we were not sure she could go, but once the tour guide saw her and how tall/mature she is he gave her permission to come along.  She LOVED every moment of it!!!

Trevor loves nature and adventure so this was right up his alley!



Here is my mom and Ryan racing.  All the while Ryan recorded my mom...priceless video!

There were two suspension bridges:

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