Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dining on the Dream

There were three main dining rooms on the Dream:  Lumiers, Animators Palate and Enchanted Garden.  We had our Thanksgiving dinner in Animators Palate.

The Enchanted Garden was beautiful!  I think the Christmas decorations really helped beautify it!  

Our server named Mackenzie the "star guest of the night" and brought her a drink to celebrate!

One of our servers Ignacio (NACHO) teaching the kids how to make paper flowers.

We had the two BEST servers on this cruise. They were Ignacio (Nacho) from Italy and Ferdinand (Ferddie) from the Philippines.  They were so attentive to us and the kids...providing non-stop entertainment!

Animators Palate had talking with crush.  It was amazing how he could interact with us in real time!

My mom's favorite dessert on the cruise is the chocolate souffle' found only in Palo's.  She ate at Palo's the first night, but really wanted another souffle' by the end of the cruise.  The last night of the cruise the servers bought everyone at our table chocolate souffles'!  She was so happy!

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Jaime said...

OK, I'm convinced!! I'm starting to save my pennies now!!