Friday, November 11, 2011

Yearbook pictures

Remember the days when your school picture was usually a bit "awkward"?  I am one to prefer an outside professional shot..just the right light, outfit, scenery, etc.  The coloring tends to be the best and the best results happen.  However the annual tradition of backdrop school photos still continue in the school system.  Whether or not you like your picture it is what will be forever in the yearbook for all to reflect back on.  So today I post my childrens 2011/2012 yearbook photos.  Call me crazy, bias or whatever you may but I think my kids look pretty good in their pictures! 

 Mackenzie- 15 1/2 years old/ Sophmore

 Madalyn 14 years old/ Freshman
 Trevor- 9 years old/ 4th grade
Meredith- 7 1/2 years old/ 2nd grade

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