Monday, August 23, 2010

Future athlete on our hands???

We spent the majority of our summer driving Mackenzie to BASKETBALL camp and games.  She really enjoys the game and made a lot of good friends.  It has been a very positive experience for her.  Basketball is a winter sport so she was going to play off season in the fall until season started.  This was a plus because it would keep her out of general PE.  Then she decided to add something else....

We only spent one week of our summer driving Mackenzie to VOLLEYBALL camp.  She had not played much before, but she decided that she wanted to try out for the high school volleyball team.  The positive is that she is tall and self motivated, the negative is she has little experience and was competing against girls coming from club volleyball teams.  About 30 girls tried out and there were 14 spots available.  Well guess who got one of those spots???  You guessed it Mackenzie :o)!!  We were so proud of her..she really put in her best effort at try outs. 

So I guess you know were you can find us this, games and more games.  Let the fun begin (sarcastic)!

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