Friday, August 13, 2010

Derek and Becca's Rehearsal Dinner

Our oldest niece Becca met the man of her dreams!  He is a handsome aspiring Podiatrist that she met at BYU Idaho.  After dating for a very long time (in Mormon time) Derek finally realized that she was the girl of his dreams and asked her to become his wife!  So two months later they were getting married!  Ironically his last name is "Smith".  Smith was Grandma Jones' (Sharon) maiden name before she became a "Jones". So you can literally say we are from the "Smith/Jones" Family.  Another ironic thing is that Derek's mom's maiden name is Mackenzie.  So funny how we all interconnect.

Anyway, back to the beautiful couple!

On Friday, August 13th Becca and Derek's rehersal dinner was at Madera Country Club.  The chef grilled up some yummy kobe burgers and onion rings.  It was truly a delicious feast!

After dinner all who attended got to introduce themselves, share how they are related to the bride or groom and a story/memory about them.  It was a wonderful night full of laughter and tears.

The Jones Cousins:

Danielle and Cathy:

Ryan and Randy:

A few of the beautiful Tatum girls:

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