Saturday, September 11, 2010

First Day of School 2010

Mackenzie started High School this year.  She had made so many new friends in the summer between playing basketball and volleyball with all her teammates so she was so excited for her first day.  No first day at a big high school jitters for her.  However there was one glitch...since she had a volleyball game the first day of school the coach required all the girls on the team to wear their volleyball t shirts to school that day.  WHAT??? All this time planning a first day of school outfit and now she had to wear her volleyball t-shirt...obviously a male coach- haha!  Anyway....she was able to make her outfit look super cute so here is a picture of her "first day of school" outfit and her "second day of school" outfit:
Meredith began first grade this year.  Where has the time gone???  My baby is in school all day...I think I am more sad about that than her.  She loves her teacher Mrs. Dembiec.
Trevor began 3rd grade this year.  He has never been a huge fan of "classtime"  he is more of the "What did you do at school today?", "At recess I did...".  Recess is the highlight of school for him.  However as he came out of his classroom this year he proclaimed.."I love my teacher and I think I am going to have the best year ever!"  That made me so happy to hear!  Here he is with Mrs. Castiglia:
Trevor with two of his best buds before school:
Meredith with one of her bff's (who also happens to be in her class).  Yes, Meredith is THE TALLEST first grader in the entire school!  I think she takes pride in that :o)!


Jennifer said...

I am so glad to hear that Meredith enjoys being the tallest kid in her class. I hope it continues to be this way, so that she doesn't walk with a hunch/slouch or anything.

I think with all the sports Mackenzie is playing, she has lost weight. She looks so skinny, but healthy too. Awe, to be young again!

Grandma said...

And the cutest first grader also!!!!!! Miss all of you!

Jenny Moore said...

Cute kids!!
What are you doing with all your time now that they are all in school full time?!!!