Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oral Surgery

On Monday this cute boy had to have oral surgery. Here he is going into the office:About a year ago Trevor had a root canal done on this tooth. Unfortunately it got infected so he had to get it extracted. Dr. Spoolstra took good care of him!
This poor kid has the worst teeth (and most expensive mouth) ever!!! He was so brave. Just before he went back he said he was really nervous. I explained to him that they will give him laughing gas so he will not remember anything. He responded with "but what if I fart?" . This kid seriously cracks me up- he is all boy!

Here he is being prepped for surgery:

Grandma Wright got to stay in the room the entire time since she works in the dental field.

Here he is in the recovery. Hurray he did it! I asked if he remembered getting the IV. In his words: "They put it in and it did not hurt, then OH SNAP IT STINGS, then I fell asleep". He is much like his mother when he is coming out of anethesia. He would not stop talking! The ladies in the office were in love with this kid (so are we)!

Afterwards we picked up a Wendy's frosty and then drove to Grandpa and Grandma's to recover (since the oral surgeon was in Long Beach). Here he is relaxing in the car:

Here is the after shot (not for the weak stomach). He will have to live with this hole until his permanent tooth comes in around seven years from now. We will go back in a few weeks and have a spacer put in.

How could this HUGE tooth fit into this little boys mouth (this picture does it no justice)!


Grandma said...

Trevor was sooo brave!! What a trooper.

Tanya said...

THAT is the funniest thing I have ever read! I just laughed out loud. What a fun boy!