Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Laser Quest

Trevor chose to have his friend birthday party at Laser Quest this year. Since we are trying to cut the expense he had to keep the guest list small, but he had fun anyway! To be honest I think I might of had more fun- I can take him on any day!
Trevor got a new bike from us: The party gifts were Bakugan's and glow sticks:
He insisted on a Bakugan chocolate cake with white frosting. A boy who knows what he wants!

Just before the first game (we played two).
Trevor's code names were: Alphahydroniod and Birthday Boy
Ryan's code names were: Target and Big Dog
Danielle's code names were: Laser Mom and Gotcha
For the record I smeared Ryan and Trevor!!!!
We now have over 30 Bakugan at our house. I still say that Bakugan is "crack for kids"!!!

This picture of him blowing out the candles cracks me up!!!

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Jennifer said...

Okay, since my son is not as old as Trevor yet I guess I am not up to date with the current toys/games. What is Bakugan?