Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mission Bay 2009

We took my parents Seadoo's down to San Diego the last week of July. We left on Trevor's bday so we had a little celebration for him in our suite. It consisted of lots of Bakugan toys, pizza, root beer and a frosty from Wendy's! Sorry no cake on your actual birthday...that came later! Meanwhile I hope you enjoyed your frosty with a candle :o)!
Cathy brought the cousins down our first day there to hang out and ride the Seadoo's. Keith also came and hung out with us. It was great to have both of them there. Our first day was really busy- lots of boats, but the next two days were much more mild!

Becca and Meredith:

After Trevor got buried in the sand a few weeks ago Meredith insisted on being buried this time. Grandpa added the "flair"! Reminds me of "one grecian urn"!!!

While at Old Towne the Mariachi's sang Happy Birthday to Trevor!

Some of my favorite kids (minus three other cousins):

The new toy~!! We had soooooo much fun on this new three seater tube! The first time I was on it I laughed so hard I could not breathe (that was after I stopped screaming). This was definetly the hit of the vacation!

Here we are fixing the Seadoo...we will not mention names. But a very beautiful cousin who is in love accidentally ran over the anchor and sucked it up in the Seadoo. Luckily the men saved the day and cleared it out! Before you knew it we were back to riding!


Jennifer said...

All I can think about with Meredith being burried in the sand is, oh boy, I bet she had sand where sand just does not belong...OUCH! lol

Becca Jones said...

HAHAHAHHA. I looved this post. I mean, who would have ran that over? What a crazy kiddo?! :)