Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Singers Company Performance

Monday night Madalyn and Meredith had their Singer's Company performance. Singers Company is a singing and dancing group for girls ages 3-9. Once the girls are 10 (or 5th grade) they get to put on a musical. Meredith was in the youngest group and Madalyn was in the oldest group.

Meredith's theme was Broadway Music. She had a solo in the song "Getting to Know You" from the King and I. She did great! Their director, Katie and assistants (Suzanne and Mackenzie- yes our oldest) do such a wonderful job teaching the girls all the songs, dances and building their performing confidence! A lot of the girls in the group go to church with us. I am currently the Primary President in our ward and it is amazing how much pride I feel watching all these girls perform. I really love all these kids and found myself getting teary eyed watching them sing and dance together. We are so thankful to live in an area with so many kids who share in the same faith! We produce alot of blonde hair and blue eyes around here!
Madalyn's group of 5th grade girls performed a musical. It was called "Camp Wilimaka". The story is about a group of girls at camp and how important it is for them to stick together. All but about three of the girls go to church with us- however those other three may start coming one day :o)! It will be fun watching these girls all grow up together!

Singing "You'll Never Walk Alone"
Take a bow!
They got flowers and Juice It Up certificates from Grandpa and Grandma Wright. They were not able to come because they were having fun on the Disney Cruise! Ryan also missed it because of a business trip-not a good week to be gone as you will see in future post!
Madalyn and her first friend in Ladera- Haylie- they are only seven days apart!
Afterwards we took advantage of the $1 a scoop night at Baskin Robbins- YUM!
Here are all the beautiful flowers the girls got for a job well done!


Becca Jones said...

So dang cute! I love Madalyns face in the one picture- as my dance teacher always said, "Do good facials!" Meaning, mouth wide open with a smile! Oh yeah! :) Meredith looks so cute in her leggings too!

Becca Jones said...

P.S. Mackenzie and Maddy look so grown up with bangs. If only back in 1999 when I was 11/12 we had cute side bangs... That could've saved my awkward years! :)