Monday, May 5, 2008

Bye Bye Birdie

A couple of weeks ago Mackenzie starred as Kim MacAfee in the musical production of "Bye Bye Birdie". She did a great job and loved the opportunity and challenge of all the "star" pressure! "Kim" letting her friend know that she can no longer be the head of the Conrad Birdie fan club. After all she has been pinned by Hugo and is growing into a woman!
These girls sure could scream loud!
Here she is loyal to Conrad again as she prepares to get her "one last kiss"
Why can't Hugo just understand that she has needs??!!
Dancing with Conrad (yes he is also 12, but a lot shorter :o)!
Hugo really wants her back and will do whatever it takes!
Final bow for a job well done!

Mackenzie with one of her biggest fans (Grandma)
Here's another fan...
...and here are some more!


Clarkes said...

Yeah! You did great Kenzie! ~Cassie

Becca Jones said...

Super great job Kenz.... well duh, you're a SUPER STAR!

Allison Nelson said...

Cute, cute cute! I want to go next time! I love stuff like this. I love that her vanity has a picture of the 12-yr-old Connor. Nice touch...well, I heard she got pinned..yeah, yeah. :)

The Raica Family said...

What a star Mackenzie is!!! I love it - she is so talented, sweet, and smart - guys are in trouble when she hits 16!