Friday, May 30, 2008

Farewell to Tball Season...

Last week was Trevor's last tball game of the season. He had so much fun learning the skills of the game. We were really impressed with his ability to catch, throw, field, hit and run. He loved every minute of the game and this is what he looked like when I told him he was too young for fall ball: He will have to wait until next spring to play. Until then here are some pictures from our last game and end of the season party:
The Astros reciting the Little League pledge.
Eating pizza at the party we had at the benches after the game. It was a great way to do it so we did not have to wrestle with all the other teams at the pizza parlors. Plus the boys could run around and play at the park!
The long awaited trophy!! (Coach Matt is standing with him.) Thanks Matt for such a wonderful season!

They may be crazy, but this is one great group of boys!


Becca Jones said...

Precious.... if only they stayed young. Ha ha. Dallin's games are boring now. I mean, I love them! Ha ha. Trev is adorable!

Kari said...

I loved that team. It was so much fun to watch them play. And fun to talk to you also.