Friday, September 12, 2014

Mackenzie's first day of College at BYUI

The day before Mackenzie and I were to begin our road trip up to BYU Idaho there was a freak flash flood in Moabi that washed away the 15 freeway between Las Vegas and Mesquite.  Because of that we had to take a 70 mile detour through the Valley of Fire National Park.  It was a beautiful detour and we were thankful at how easy it was to get through.  We had our first stop for the night in Provo at Brad and Gina's home.  They are simply some of the best people I know and we really appreciated their hospitality!

The next day we continued our trip up to Idaho. We stopped in Salt Lake to have lunch with Deeanna and walk around the Temple grounds.  The weather was perfect!  However as we got out of the car in Idaho that evening it was FREEZING.  Like ridiculously cold!  We immediately checked into our hotel and put warm clothes on!  Luckily that cold spell was only one night as the rest of the weekend the weather was beautiful!

We spend Friday morning moving all of Mackenzie's stuff into her apartment and meeting her roommates.  Her #1 worry was what her room mates would be like and she was so happy when they all turned out to be normal great girls!
Once moved in we went on campus to get her i-card and books.  Reality was setting in and the excitement was building!  

The room mates

Kelsey, Avenal, Hailey, Mackenzie, Cassidy and Kaitlyn

Her side of the  room

 BYUI has a great freshman orientation!  They kept the freshman busy with activities Friday night and most day Saturday.  We snuck out between sessions on Friday to get a few things we forgot for the apartment and pantry food. 

On Saturday they started freshman orientation with breakfast, learning about the different clubs, and getting advise from others in their majors.  While Mackenzie was busy with that stuff I decided to go to a Temple session.  What joy it was to be able to occupy my time with such a wonderful place!  The inspiration and feelings that I received in the Temple that day brought me so much peace with all the changes that would be happening with our family! Being in Rexburg brought back so many happy memories from the time I spent there at college.  I am so excited for the new journey Mackenzie is embarking upon!

 In the middle of the day Saturday Mackenzie and I were able to sneak away and buy fresh groceries for a bit.  Gotta start her off stocked up!

Once we were back from the store she was being whisked away by a friend of hers who apparently wanted me to remember him!  While taking our "last" picture together before I left he took a selfie of himself!  Good thing I like him!  
There were no tears shed at our parting.  I did have moments of sadness on the long 14 hour drive I took alone to get home.  Quite simply that is a lot of time to reflect upon my love and admiration for Mackenzie and the wonderful person she has grown up to be! The tears didn't come until a week later as I was practicing to sing in the choir before church.  The director mentioned that we needed more altos.  I quickly replied "Mackenzie will be here to sing Alto!"  Then reality hit.... Mackenzie is no longer here....let the tear fest begin!

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