Thursday, September 4, 2014

First Day of School 2014/2015 school year

The first day of school was the Thursday after Labor Day.  Madalyn, being involved in Link Crew, had to wear her tshirt so the freshman would recognize her and know that if asked she would help them on campus!  She is a Senior this year...where has the time gone?  This is her first year to be able to drive to and from school...her sister did all the driving in the past.  She is enjoying this new freedom!

Trevor is in 7th grade and is looking pretty slick!  He enjoys school and his teachers.  Surfing, skateboarding, volleyball and baseball are his favorite past times.  He is enjoying his first job also!  He babysits a family of three boys who live up the street every Tuesday.  He loves those boys and the responsibility!
Meredith is entering 5th grade.  Her last year at Elementary School!  She is now the big girl on campus (and not just because of her height)!  She enjoys dancing (a lot), hanging out with friends, swimming and being a helper to mom!

 The week before school starts there is a freshman orientation that happens.  Madalyn is involved with the club that puts on the orientation to help the freshman feel comfortable on the campus.  Here are some pictures of her during the orientation week:

This is my favorite picture of the entire first day!  These two, though they can argue quite a bit, really do love each other!!

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