Saturday, June 7, 2014

"Brett and the Mo's"

This year at school Mackenzie took a Commercial Music Class.  In this class the students formed bands and were required to play an instrument/sing.  Each month or so they would come up with a song they wanted to learn based off a certain theme, practice and perform in front of the other classmates.  

The band Mackenzie was in were so good that they got the opportunity to perform at school during lunch, at a charity event at MainPlace Mall and at an evening performance in the High School theater.  

As a parent I knew that the four members of Mackenzie's band were talented, but I was blown away the first time I heard them play!  The were AWESOME!!  Mackenzie learned to play the bass and also got to be on vocals.  

 Performing at lunch

 Mackenzie and Cassie Clarke.  These girls have known each other since they were in kindergarten and they are both going to BYUI in the fall.  Cassie sang vocals (she has an angelic voice) and played keyboard.
Their playlist included: Tightrope, Baracuda, Hey Jude, Cough Syrup and I'm Just a Girl.

 The band members:  Brett- electric guitar, Mackenzie- bass/vocals, Cassie- keyboard/vocals and Tyler- drums
We jokingly call them "Brett and the Mo's" because three of the four of them are Mormon!

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