Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Avendale Ward Youth Conference 2014

This year Youth Conference was done within the Wards.  Our ward chose to go the day after High School Graduation.  We could not have planned a better "senior trip" for Mackenzie!

The week started out with going to the Las Vegas Temple to perform baptisms.  Then the older youth had the privilege of going into the "ghetto" of Las Vegas with the one and only Tony Hladek (who grew up there) to serve in a soup kitchen.  It was an amazing experience for the youth! 

After the Temple and Soup kitchen experience the active part of the trip began!  The leaders rented a house boat on Lake Mead!  The youth had such a great time preparing each others meals, reading and acting out scripture stories, jumping off the boat, sliding off the boat, hot tubing, dancing, wake boarding and lounging in the Lake!

 On the way home my girls had to stop and buy some fireworks in Arizona in preparation for 4th of July here in California!

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