Friday, November 15, 2013

I "Mustache" you to Vote 4 Meredith

Meredith decided she wanted to run to be the Activities Director on Student Council.  She took a test and qualified so the campaign began!

She went with the mustache theme because she LOVES her mustache earrings and necklace!  She was able to incorporate them into her campaign!  There were two other girls and three boys running against her.  She handled her speech smoothly in front of over 350 students!

"Hi my name is Meredith Jones. I mustache you to vote for me for activities director. I’ll rally for fun days like mustache Monday, tie Tuesday,  wacky hair Wednesday, sports jersey Thursday, and fun sock Friday. I’ll make school exciting! Afterall learning is better in a fun environment!

Vote for me because I’m responsible, nice, and like to have fun. So I 'mustache' you a question… I 'mustache' you to vote for Meredith Jones for activities director!"

The speeches were on a Friday and the results were not posted until the following Tuesday.  She was so happy to win and begin planning fun activities for the school!
 Introducing the new ASB for LRES!  Meredith is the only 4th grader..the rest are 5th graders!

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