Thursday, October 31, 2013

Super Hero Halloween 2013

This Halloween Season began with FHE at In and Out and then a visit to the Pumpkin patch with almost 100 of our closest friends!  These places charge so much for all the rides so we just enjoy hanging out with our friends!  We missed Trevor as he was at Volleyball.

This sweet girl, Marley, is one of our dear friends daughters.  She is just the cutest and funnest little one year old!  My girls had so much fun taking her around the patch to look at the rides and animals!

We also got Boo'd twice!  The first one was a treat of my favorite sugar cookies!

The second was filled with our families favorite treats…anything with peanut butter or carmel with chocolate!

The costume theme this year was really easy.. Super Hero!  I just made some tulle skirts, bought the older girls t-shirts from Target, bought Trevor this sweatshirt from Target and had Meredith's shirt made.  They all looked darling!

Ryan and I had a Halloween Party to attend with a "fairy tale" theme.  For those of you who know us well, we aren't real good with "dressing up".  So two hours before the party we had to quickly come up with a costume out of our costume bin!  I had all the makings for Tweedledee and Ryan (though he doesn't have his accessories with him in this picture) was the Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.  

We hosted  a few families for FHE the Monday before Halloween.  We had a lesson on Letting our Light Shine…like the pumpkins light shines! Then we carved pumpkins.  Of course we saved the seeds for roasting.  Since there were a lot of pumpkins we had a lot of seeds…YUM!

 On Halloween night our block has a pot luck to get some healthy food in the kids belly before the candy!  Wow how the kids on our block have grown…that is a lot of kids for 10 homes!

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