Thursday, August 9, 2012

Universal Studios

Our family went to Universal Studios.  It was a first for the kids and it had been about 20 years since Ryan and I had been there.  

It was lots of fun!  The tram ride has changed a lot, but the Jaws and flood scene are still around.  The Godzilla/Jurasic Park special effects were super cool!!!

The girlies pretending to direct a movie
A scene from an airplane crash..using a real plane!  
 The BEST part of the day was the Transformers Ride.  It was phenomenal!!!!!  The 3D effects and the motion of the ride was so realistic.  Our entire family kept raving about the ride!

We all got completely soaked on the Jurasic Park Ride which was good because it was a warm day!

Lucille Ball!  The kids had no idea who she was.haha!
Eating Crickettes was on Trevor "bucket list".  So when we found this box of Bacon and Cheese Crickettes the challenge was issued.  He actually really liked them.  Guess he can check that off his list!

During the tram ride we drove down Wisteria Lane.  I have to admit that I was a Desperate Housewives dedicated follower.  It was a total guilty pleasure of mine so I was thrilled to see the actual sets for the show!  See if you recognize who's house is who's!

Bree Van de Kamp


Susan Delfino

Gabby Solice

Cute carmel apples!

There was a mock Olympic podium...Trevor and Madalyn were fighting for the Gold!

The girls loved the saying in this picture "You Don't Become A Hero By Being Normal"...gee I wonder why??!!

The girls would love to have these vespas to drive around....actually so would I!!

Mr. Bean's car

Madalyn posted this picture on Instagram and said "I have the best parents ever!!".  She was completely kidding not thinking people would actually believe we took her to London.  Unfortunately people did believe her!  She felt terrible once she realized no thought she was joking!  

While in LA the streets were in major need of some repair.  No worries, my kids helped out on some of the repairs!

This movie is a favorite of the kids!

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