Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sheraton Universal

I cannot finish our LA Adventure post without mentioning the food at the hotel.  We are Starwood Preferred Guest so when we stay at a Starwood property we get access to the club level for free breakfast and appetizers.  

The Universal Sheraton did not disappoint!  Their idea of appetizers was our idea of dinner...taquitos, pizza, sandwiches, cheese sticks, vegetables, fruit, crackers, cheese, root beer floats and cookies.  Those are just a few things they had for us!  Most people on the club level are business travelers so when our family of six would walk in every morning and afternoon it was a shock!

 Meredith really enjoyed the root beer floats.  The gingerbread men were cute, but they needed hot chocolate to dip them in!

 Here is some of the mess we would leave behind...yes we are pigs!

Lastly I had to snap this picture of Trevor sleeping.  Since I can remember he has slept like this with his hands behind his head.  He is such a sweet and handsome boy!!!

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