Friday, October 21, 2011


Madalyn is the tennis player of the family.  That of course makes mom happy because mom loves to play tennis too! 

She decided to try out for the high school tennis team this year.  She has been playing for a few years and decided this would be her activity of choice in high school.  She, being a freshman, made the Frosh/Soph team.  She was ranked in the top two on the Frosh/Soph team.  As the season began and she was winning more matches Coach Mann's decided to move her up to the JV team!  She was so excited for the opportunity to move up.  While the matches are more difficult now, it is a good challenge for her and it is motivating her to get even better!

When Madalyn plays doubles her partner is a friend that we have known for years.  She loves being paired up with Cassie!

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