Friday, October 21, 2011

49ers Flag Football

Living in South OC it seems to be a given that ALL kids play (and love) soccer.  The two older girls played until they were 13 years old and never really loved it, but as the parents we "made" them play.  So when Trevor told us last year that he doesn't like to play soccer we decided why spend $$$ on something he does not like and try something new as a fall sport.  He does basketball in the winter and baseball in the summer.  So we signed him up for the Ladera Flag Football league.  We had heard people sing praises about how organized and well run this organization is.  Well we will add to those praises!  Trevor LOVES flag football!  We love the coaches and organization of it all!

Trevor is a 9 year old boy in a league of boys ages 9-11 years old.  It is a pretty big span, but the boys all support eachother and the coaches are so encouraging (and competitive)!
Trevor is lucky to have gotten on a team with such a wonderful coaching staff...Darren King is the best!

Trevor is the smallest guy on the team, but he can sure hold his own!  During the first two minutes of the first game he made a touchdown!  He is the only player on the team that was chosen to play on both the offensive and defensive lines.

We are happy with the choice to switch from soccer to flag football.  It has really helped boost Trevor's confidence and taught him how to work together with a team!

He runs it down the line and.....


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